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Kudzukian is an independently-owned branded audio and visual content producer, specializing in creating “turn-key” production of on-demand virtual, in-studio and livestream content across all media platforms. Founded in 2014 by marketing executive Larry T. Robinson, Kudzukian was created to fill an opening in the digisphere for distinctly unique voices. The Memphis-based company is a network that houses 20-plus podcasts and has produced several livestream events for national entities as well as municipalities. From politics to pop culture, from business to blues, Kudzukian provides high quality digital experiences that are fresh, relevant, soulful, engaging and dynamic.

Oct 7, 2022

Did you know that Najee means "friend of God" and Kirk means "Church?" The fact that these guys go way back and have such a warm kinship makes complete sense. There was nothing but good vibes and brotherly love! Kirk speaks with the one and only Najee about how they floated into each other's lives, about his commitment to his spirituality and his experience growing up in the Bronx. But don't think these are your average everyday musicians. You can also tune in to hear them use words like "paradisiacal" and "attenuated." It's not a simplistic conversation by any stretch! (Aren't you curious now?) AND they both played a little music -- vibes on vibes!